SMVS Charities, Inc. (“SMVS Charities”) is a recognized and registered Non-Profit Charitable Organization, aimed at supporting humanitarian activities across the world, especially in the developing nations.

At SMVS Charities, we have realized that there are several sectors in the developing countries that require additional support and inputs, to help build a just, balanced and healthy society. In such countries, healthcare and education sectors are in dire need of better infrastructure as well as compassionate, yet professional support.

As these countries face weak infrastructure and slower development rate, unforeseen natural disaster add to the woes of the citizens, especially the poor.

SMVS Charities aims at taking up a holistic approach and help the vulnerable communities strengthen their lives, by providing better healthcare services, developing sustainable educational institutions and encouraging socio-economic empowerment, through relevant and well-planned activities.

With this, we also aim at building awareness in the developed countries about the genuine problems and needs of the very poor in the developing countries.