SMVS Charities has been engaged in wide scale activities with equally wide range impacts. The initiation and successful implementation of these activities is possible only through generous support extended by warm-hearted people across the world.

We have experienced that people across the globe understand the language of compassion and they come forward to support the cause, they care for. You can support SMVS Charities in multiple ways.

You can support and contribute to SMVS Charities, even by donating your valuable time or by extending your exceptional skills.

Join with us

To consolidate and expand its ongoing activities, as well as funding forthcoming projects, SMVS Charities require continuous and generous flow of funds. You can donate in different ways:

At personal level

Celebrate a special occasions like birthday, marriage wedding anniversary and extend your own joy by being a reason of someone's smile.


Give at work

You may choose to opt for payroll deduction for a good cause. Or, you can also support the activities by becoming a Corporate Partner.


Legacy Giving

You can support the benevolent activities by leaving a portion of your wealth through means of a will and bequests or charitable gift annuities.