A Multi Specialty Hospital

At SMVS Charities we believe, life matters the most. Escalating costs of health care are proving prohibitive for a large section of the society. Costs should never become a cause for compromise in service, especially in a crucial sector like healthcare.

SMVS Charities and its global partners have endeavored to set up multi specialty, hospital with advanced medical infrastructure and add a flower in its bouquet of health and humanitarian services. The proposed hospital will function in a newly-built eight story building at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

The hospital will provide finest health care services to all the classes and casts of the society, with zeal and compassion. It will impart diagnostic as well as therapeutic comprehensive multi-specialty medical solutions.

The large-scale project will be implemented in 21,600 sq. feet of land

The hospital will initially have a capacity of 125 beds

The project has been initiated in November 2014 and is expected to complete in next three years

SMVS is in need of generous financial support to set up this hospital and then make it serve the needy at the most affordable charges.

Support Efforts